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In today’s world, patients are more likely to use the internet when they suffer from an illness or if they want a procedure to be performed. Most of them do a Google search to find the relevant medical professional through their medical websites as it is a more convenient way for them to find the right practitioner for their condition.

Therefore, in today’s era a search engine optimisation through a relevant up to date medical website, google on & off page linking’s, having your presence at the social media platforms is as relevant as making yourself known to your local general practitioner and other health care professionals.

Why is your social media presence so important?

With the changing structure of our general practice due to involvement of cooperate section in health practice. The patient plus general practitioner bond unfortunately is weaker than ever and over time this tend not to improve. Thus, gone are the days when the patients would blindly trust their general practitioners. In present scenario, most often the patient has already done their Google search about their health condition prior to visiting their health practitioner. Google have already shown them the relevant websites by its search engine optimizing algorithm and most of them have already shortlisted their preferred health practitioner by the end of web browsing, by virtually going through the health practitioner’s website, reading blogs post and going through the social media pages.

How can you improve your web presence?

  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Management


  • Engaging “Med Web Solutions” to do it all for you
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SEO is what gets your medical practice seen online, without paying for Google Ads. Having an SEO optimised website means you can be on page 1 of Google, search results for your local area without having to pay for it!

We ensure that your website is easy to read, fast, mobile friendly while keeping in mind the functionalities needed in the medical industry.

Patients use social media nowadays to get to know a brand or practice. Build trust with your patients and demonstrate your expertise on platforms where your patients are.

Why Choose Us

To build an online presence for your business, as a healthcare provider, Med Web Solutions is the way to go. Med Web Solutions has a team of experts including senior medical professionals, experienced content creators, SEO specialists and social media managers who work together to create the best material for your medicine niche.

Depending on your portfolio our team of Australian trained surgeons, physicians, general practitioners, dentists and other health professionals supervise the creation of your content, making sure that all the information is accurate, up-to-date, and fulfils all your requirements in compliance with the APRAH guidelines.

As a specialist in Medical Marketing our MedWeb’s SEO service provides you a great edge over the other providers due to our team’s knowledge of the medical terms and procedures. Our medical professionals collaborate closely with our SEO teams & social media content creators, making sure that your website and social media pages stand out on web searches.

MedWeb Solutions also provides you with important data using Google analytics data and monthly reports of your website, blog or social media profile performance so that you know how you are performing in your industry compared with competitors. In short, Med Web Solutions is a one-stop-shop for health professionals, taking care of all your online medical marketing and outreach needs. So, if you are a surgeon, physician, general practitioner, dentist, allied health professional Med Web Solution is for you.Helping health professionals stand out from the crowd, so you can do what you do the best, treating your patients

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